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Welcome To Bonsaiswap
The first decentralized exchange exclusively made for Polygon zkEVM


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What Is BonsaiSwap?
Bonsaiswap is a platform based on Uniswap V3 technology, capable of exchanging crypto in the most efficient way and earning crypto by concentrating liquidity between two prices. Furthermore Bonsaiswap is the first decentralized exchange exclusively made for Polygon zkEVM
Main advantages
Polygon zkEVM is the leading zero knowledge scaling solution that’s equivalent with the Ethereum Virtual Machine, this means that most of the existing smart contracts, developer tools, and wallets work seamlessly.
Low Cost
Polygon zkEVM harnesses the power of ZK proofs to reduce transaction cost
High Performance
Use of Polygon Zero technology, the fastest ZK proof in the world
EVM Equivalence
Deployment onto EVM without changes in code
Ethereum security inherited in L2 with the additional benefit of L2 batching for scaling
Trade directly from your wallet app. Bonsaiswap doesn’t hold your funds, you have 100% ownership of your own crypto.
Trade With L1 Tokens
It operates with layer 1 tokens, faster and cheaper than ever before. By using our tool everything is easier and faster
AKD is the token that powers the Bonsaiswap ecosystem.
Earn AKD from Staking on pools or buy it on the exchange
Access to demo coming soon!
The roadmap
Bonsaiswap roadmap to the next years
2023 Q4
Bonsaiswap Demo Launch
2024 Q2
Bonsaiswap Launch
- Swap and liquity available
2024 Q3
Airdrops And NFT
- AKD and NFT airdrops
- NFT marketplace available
Coming Soon
New Functionalities
- Earn AKD, Fees, ...
- Lottery, Prediction, NFT Games
- Multichain
Want to earn more on crypto?
Launch coming soon!